Māori student success at Albany Senior High School

100% of our Māori learners had achieved at least NCEA Level 2 on leaving the school in 2014: achieving just as highly, or more highly, than non-Māori students.  These are impressive statistics given the rate of perceived underachievement of our Māori learners nationwide. In response to a recent question posed to me, I’d like to share a little of what I believe contributes to this success. Albany Senior High School is distinctly different from many schools. I believe it isRead more

researchED Sydney – the perfect launch to professional learning in 2015

It’s almost the start of a new academic year and I am very excited. This is unusual. Usually, new year nerves begin to kick in about now but instead, I am delightedly distracted by the prospect of my first ever visit to Poihākena (Sydney, Australia). I’m feeling especially animated for several reasons. Firstly, my dad used to live there. He worked on Bondi beach selling baked goods from a horse drawn cart, rented modest digs at Point Piper before itRead more

Modern Learning Environments

I used to love my four walls. Four walls of a traditional classroom with burgeoning displays of superb student work. And a door. Appointments would be made to watch my ‘best’ lesson for appraisal. People said, “see me any time, the door is always open” and it was most definitely a metaphor. For those of you who have yet to step inside the large open learning spaces of schools such as my current place of work, you may be wonderingRead more

Teach? No thanks.

I was determined to be a brain surgeon. There were two reasons for this. Firstly, I excelled at human biology. Secondly, I liked to do things the hard way. Brain surgery was, I imagined, absolutely the hardest and most clever pursuit that one could attain. Enabling people to make the best use of their brains despite dreadful trauma, hurt, injury… Restoring speech, movement, potential. All with the crafted skill of an artist, a flourish of the scalpel, precision dissection ofRead more